I decided to use my 35mm Pentax K2 SLR camera one more time, so I got it out of the cupboard where it has been for several years, put some batteries in it and bought a 35mm film.


That was the first shock! A 35mm film cost me £5.86 for 36 photos. My 4gb SD card cost £10.35 and I can take 675 photos, then wipe it and use it again over a 1000 times.

I forgot how heavy the Pentax K2 camera was. It's a solid bit of kit. Then there is all the other lenses and big flash we used to carry about with us, and there's this little Panasonic TZ6 that can do everything the old kit could do.


I love this camera, its got a 12x zoom which is equivalent to 25-300mm in 35mm terms. Intelligent Auto mode is great, remember, the old 35mm cameras had to be focused manually, and it was cheaper in 2009 to buy than what I paid for my Pentax K2 in 1978. It also shoots video which you can see some examples of on My You tube Videos page. The TZ7 shoots video in HD.


This is the K-Mount. It was developed by Pentax and Zeiss Ikon. You can see the mirror in the camera, which flips up when you press the shutter button. SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex, and when you look through the viewfinder, you are actually looking through the lens. In old SLRs there was a lot of moving parts.


With a 35mm SLR, you take your photos but don't know how your photos will come out till you get them back from the processors. I paid £12.86 for 37 photographs, so in 2009, it is expensive to do it the old way. Digital is very cheap with low running costs. 


The results are in! Digital wins. The Pentax K2 is going back in the cupboard. I couldn't afford to do photography the old way. The only thing the Pentax K2 could do that Digital cameras can't is continue taking photos after the batteries have failed because the Pentax has some mechanical shutter speeds as backup. Also, I was impressed by the fact that my Pentax is 31 years old, was in the cupboard for several years without getting used, and still worked when I brought it out again! I don't know if any digital camera could work after 31 years, we will just have to wait and see. Watch this space.

Check below for the photos that I took with the Pentax K2